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It is hiking in the nature generally with a slow pace for reaching from one point to another.
Specialists accept that trekking has positive effects on human body and mental health. Since it does not require good form or technique with minimal injury etc. risk and being low-cost, it is the most popular outdoor sport.In nature, it is generally a lightweight sporty walk, intended to reach from one point to another.

It is accepted as experts that nature walks have very positive effects on human body and mental health. High condition or technical unwillingness, injury etc. It is the nature sport where the masses show the greatest interest due to the fact that their risks are kept at very low levels and the cost is low.


Jogging is a sport which is based on running at a moderate pace. It became widely popular in the USA particularly after 1960s. 10-13 calories are spent per minute while jogging (a tennis player spends 7-9 calories per minute).


Paragliding is an extreme sport invented in early 1980s by a few air sports enthusiasts, taking off by running downhill with free-style parachutes. It is classified as very light aircraft pursuant to the civil aviation legislation.
Paragliding is the lightest of the very light aircraft. It is possible to take off from hills which do not have a road, thanks to its lightweight. Does not require special take off landing runway. It may fly for hours utilizing natural lifting forces, may climb up to the clouds and may travel for long distances. It is the most widespread and fast developing air sports.

Wind Surf

Windsurf is a sailing sport using a floating board generally with a length of two to five meters and driven by a single sail. Sail mechanism is attached to the board with a freely rotating flexible joint. Different to a sailboat which is steered using rudder, windsurf is steered by rotating the mast and the sail, by leaning and stepping on the board.


    Becoming more popular among extreme sports with kitesurf, in other words kiteboarding, you can both fly and surf. How? You first lift off with the chute and surf on the waves with the board. You can cry out your freedom any time.


    Rafting is a river sport performed in rivers starting from high altitude, using boats named raft. The goal in rafting is to sail the raft you ride without tipping over, steering it with paddles through rocks and obstacles. Rafting is made in teams of 6 to 8 members and acting as a single body as a team is the key to success. Rivers are classified into six grades according to their difficulty level. Level 6 is the most difficult course while level 1 is the easiest course.


    Equestrianism is the skill of riding horse. Equestrianism is the art of riding the horse well and the rider shall have the skill to ride the horse just as required, calmly, with good timing, safely and by exerting just the right amount of force. History of equestrianism goes past to very old times.